Unlimited Channels

Unlimited Channel Building

Channel Daddy is an inventory and resource manager. We do not impose limits on any of our services. This includes channels.

When building a channel in Channel Daddy you just assign the amount of storage you would want to reserve for each channel. As long as you own enough available storage you can create the channel and stream the videos in an unlimited capacity at no extra cost.  You can also stream any of the videos to all channels you might develop on Roku TV, Amazon, or Apple TV.

So for example, if you own 50GB of storage you can build 50 – 1GB channels, 5 – 10GB channels, 1 – 50GB channel or anything in between.  You can also change the allocations per channel in mere seconds, increasing or decreasing the allocation.

Like any business, you will have to manage your resources according to your business goals. That said, you can always purchase additional storage in your account to increase your inventory and channel storage volume as needed.

unlimited bandwidth