Curation Policy

Channel Daddy (by Health Vision TM) takes curation seriously. We sometimes curate relevant content and route readers to the sources. The Internet was built and founded on linking, sharing, and recommending great stories from other sources on the web. Curation, to us, means finding interesting, well-written, and highly relevant articles for our readers.

We are giving the articles and sites we recommend  the “our vote of approval”. This not only means that we excerpt your article, we also give it our highest recommendation, and we direct our readers … in every case … to view your article on your website.

Our curation is designed to send our readers to your site and your articles.

We curated and excerpted your article/post because it was outstanding in some way and relevant to our vision and mission.

If, for any reason, you wish us not to excerpt your stories, simply contact us at, and request that your curated items be taken down.

We want you to be pleased we excerpted an article from you:

We are not in the business of link swapping or anything like that, but if you would like to recommend our website because it is relevant to your readers, we would be deeply gratified.

Please use our contact information below if you wish to have your excerpts removed, or have any questions on the policies outlined here.