About Us

Our technical teams wanted to be on the cutting edge of an emerging market. It was clear in the marketing world that Streaming Television was not only cutting edge and the future, but the market was basically untapped. The websites of the Internet can only do so much. Everybody is moving to streaming TV as it has so much more to offer. The team had to find a way to get through the confusion, complication, and expense of ‘getting on TV’.  The key architects on the technical team are from MIT and were involved in key projects such as the design of the large stadium TVs!

They spent months analyzing the competition, finding what they did well and what they neglected to feature. During this time, they realized not only could they combine all of their competencies, but we could offer them all in one place at an incredibly reduced expense. This immediately became our mission – to bring a more affordable system that does everything from one simple user interface.

After months of coding and creating they knew we had built something remarkable. We automated systems to eliminate issues. We found affordable alternatives to our competition who were raising prices as their customers expanded content. We made one click live streaming possible without raising prices. 

Are you tired of relying on high priced consultants and impossible expenses to get your video content or product promotions across the media spectrum? Take the ceiling away and unlock your potential. We provide you with one system that you need to get your video content in the most important streaming TV technologies today, and in the future.