Product Sales Integration

Sell Your Products From Your Channels

AS SEEN ON TV!! For years experts have known the best way to sell a product or service is to get on TV. Now with our Channel Daddy SaaS technology, you can generate sales directly from your channel viewers.

Similar to Home Shopping, your viewers can watch you review or demo a product and buy the product right from the channel with a click of their remote button. We not only deliver the technology to make this happen we also have a few suggestions to people who choose to sell on platforms that can save you thousands of dollars.

Each streaming TV delivery platform (Roku, Amazon, Apple, Android) has a different set of rules and requirements. Each distribution partner needs the technology delivered in a different format. Livecast365 handles most of that for you simplifying your product distribution across platforms.

The secret to marketing is pervasive marketing.  Being on the web is so “last century”.  Get on streaming TV and increase your marketing strength.  Anyone with either a smart TV,  Roku stick, Apple TV, firestick or Amazon can view your channel for free and start clicking buttons to buy your products right from their TV.  

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