Pay Per View Events

Run PPV Events From Channel Daddy

Pay-Per-View allows your viewers to order and access one-time broadcasts, including premium recorded and live content. To purchase a Pay-Per-View event, your viewers simply click on the content and agree to the cost of the program.  Then they purchased the content and the SaaS automatically takes care of the rest.

Our customized software makes it easy for you to set up and run a live or pre-recorded pay per view event.   The system uses our advanced point and click technology.

After the content appears as a pay-per-view item, you can later always reuse the content for advertising dollars.  You can also add the video to your subscription channel allowing you to “really” maximize the earning potential of your content.


  • Local Sports
  • Educational videos
  • Movies
  • Your own Reality Series
  • Secrets of…
ppv boxing match