Channel Lead Generation

Television Advertising is Superior for Lead Generation

What’s the biggest difference between someone seeing a product or service online compared to seeing it on television?

People didn’t plan to buy anything when they began watching television, but the commercial, infomercial or television show compelled them to action. They see one thing -YOUR PRODUCT – and nothing else.  No other ads to see, no other links to click on, no other distracting content – 100% of their attention is on YOUR video. They become interested. They get motivated. When they find YOU there is little to no comparison shopping prior to contact, unlike consumers online.  And all of the distractions of viewing anything online are non existent.  How often have you gotten lost in links and content on the Internet and forgot what you started with in the first place.

After all, they are speaking exclusively with the advertiser, who has an opportunity to present the product’s or service’s benefits and get a sale before the consumer speaks with a competitor. These factors play a pivotal role in conversions, and the proof has been undeniable in our case.

Channel Daddy offers you options to attract, contact, maintain and track leads gathered from sources online and on television.  If they don’t actually buy your product from your channel, they can ask for more information and become a premium sales lead.

Consumers view an ad in the comfort of their home, they’ve shown their interest by responding, and they’ve clearly demonstrated a tendency to make an impulse purchase or contact you in response to a television clip. So when you get a lead in response from a TV show, you have a pretty ideal buyer on the phone. This holds even truer for long-form or infomercial calls.

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